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Message  Alulpute Mer 3 Aoû - 15:05

Hello. Do some searching. There is a new form of copy protection which has appeared in the past year. Actually, there are a few variations on this. One is called "Sony ArCCos" and a minor variation on the same scheme is called "RipGuard." Any DVDs released with these will cause DVDShrink to fail in every case, if you try to use it alone as the initial ripping program. There are workarounds.When DVDShrink fails, you may see several different error messages which actually can cause you to suspect some other problem is occurring. One of these error messages is the one you refer to. Ignore the message.Brothers Grimm is one of these discs.Instead, try to search out the alternate means of getting this DVD onto your hard drive.And, no, none of these new copy protection schemes should in any way affect the success rate you experience with DVDShrink on _other_ discs. To test this, try to rip an older disc, perhaps one you had success on in the past.Edit: As a completely unrelated side affect of the new copy protection, if you are suddenly experiencing bizarre symptoms, you may want to double-check your DMA settings on the IDE controllers on your system. Windows has a sort of a bug which can change your DMA mode from "DMA" to "PIO" when you experience six errors on a DVD Rom drive, or a DVD writer drive. As a result, you can then see a severe loss of speed, and also problems in trying to rip or to burn. Do a search, if you do not know how to check on this. Even a dirty disc can cause 6 errors to appear, and after this you can suddenly have lots of problems.-Bruce 29 Dec 2005 @ 19:39


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